We give you a holiday!


   Our company has appeared on the market more than 10 years ago, and we put every effort to become a company with a good reputation. The company is in constant development of new products, market expansion and increase confidence of partners.

   For several days, the festive mood our employees of two small factories in Kharkov region Kupyansk work all year. The season begins in early spring orders, the peak occurs at the beginning of autumn, the tension subsides only to the beginning of the New Year holidays. About 60% of our products is delivered to Russia. Another tenth of falls on Armenia and Israel. Each year, our artists create new designs according to the Eastern calendar, and consumer demand.

 At the beginning of its work, the company has made an emphasis on the use in the production of mainly imported raw materials, in particular in the silvering, painting and decoration of glass products using materials known German company, which improves the quality of tree decorations to the level of the main manufacturers in Europe, such as Germany, Poland England, Italy, and other. Our products satisfy the most sophisticated buyer, it is decorated with Christmas trees in all cities of Ukraine.

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